British Potato Show - The unique showcase for the whole of the potato industry

Once every two years the whole of the Potato Industry comes together for this unique ‘seed to shopping trolley’ event. It’s an exceptional networking and business opportunity for all those involved in growing, handling, processing and retailing the crop in this £multi billion industry.

Handling solutions for agriculture, ports and recycling schemes

David Harrison Handling Solutions Ltd supply machinery to the agricultural, industrial and environmental sectors. Over the last 35 years we have built an outstanding reputation for meeting our customer requirements with a wide range of new and rebuilt machinery.

A wide range of used vegetable handling equipment is always available from our Cambridgeshire site: elevators, weighers, washer driers, vegetable graders, hoppers, inspection tables, field vegeatable equipment, conveyors and box handlers.

The company also designs and builds specialist handling systems for industry, ports and the re-cycling industry.